The Adoption Process.

So, you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful Greyhounds, What happens next?

The first step in the adoption process is to telephone Celia on 01577 850393 or 07826 244765 to have a chat. We will ask you some questions to ascertain whether a Greyhound is right for you and tell you a little about the breed. You can ask us as many questions as you want, that's what we're here for!
We also want to match the right dog to the right person so everyone is happy!

Please don't choose a dog because you like the photo. That is very often not the best dog for you. We have several beautiful black dogs with lovely natures who are completely overlooked because the photo does not impress. These dogs have been in our kennels far too long.
Please come to the kennels and consider all the dogs. Lovely colours should not be a criterion for taking a dog into your home for life.

To adopt one of our greyhounds you MUST have a five foot or higher fence around a safe enclosed garden. If you live in a flat we'd accept one with a securely locked corridor door, this ensures that the greyhound cannot escape and injure small pets.

We do not re-home a greyhound to a home with a child under five years old. Such a young child has erratic behaviour which might be wrongly interpreted by a greyhound as an aggressive act and he could bite in fear. We will always do our utmost to protect your child, also, we do not rehome greyhounds to accompany people who go running. Greyhounds are sprinters and are not designed to run serious distances.

We recommend that greyhounds are not left alone regularly for periods over five hours. This can cause the greyhound to have separation anxiety or to become bored, either way he could mess or chew. Remember, the dog has come from a busy environment in the kennels, meeting many people and dogs.

We recommend that there is no other small animal, especially a cat in the home. The greyhound should NEVER be let off lead in a public place. No point having a safe garden if you are going to let it off lead as soon as you are out of the garden. Article 8 on our signed adoption form holds the owner responsible in the event of any injuries caused to other animals and resulting costs of any such accident. The dog can be removed from the owner in such an event.

We rescue greyhounds and try to put them into positions where no harm can come to them. Our home check is designed to cover these points. If we feel that there is a danger to the greyhound we will not re-home him.

I am sure that if you wanted us to re-home your own pet greyhound you would want us to be stringent.

If you decide that you want to go ahead we would wish to do a home check. This allows us to ensure that your home is suitable for a rescue greyhound. Under certain circumstances however, time and funds may not allow us to carry out such a check, in these circumstances we need a letter of support from your vet.

Once we have completed a successful homecheck, we will either deliver the greyhound to you, or you can come and collect him/her. Follow up contacts will be made to ensure that he/she has settled in okay. We ask for a donation of 180 when you adopt your Greyhound. This is to cover costs incurred such as vaccinations and also pays for a special collar, lead and muzzle, and neutering.

Finally, you will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement. This is to say that you have adopted the dog and covers various important points relating to your adoption and future care of the dog.

The adoption process is extremely straightforward but is necessary to ensure the future wellbeing of the dog. It is also to ensure that you and your new dog have a long and happy partnership!

If you require any more advice, or have any questions about adopting a Greyhound, please do not hesitate to call us for a chat:

Celia Fernie: 01577 850393 or 07826 244765


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