A Greyhound Is Love.

When the world is bleak and your luck is down
And life is low and sad.
When the future's grey and hopeless,
And the present just as bad.

When you're feeling lost and lonely
Your life is full of spite.
When you think you've reached rock bottom,
And there seems to be no light.

That's when you hear an anxious whine
And feel a loving paw.
A loving lick, a gentle nudge,
A look that says much more.

And then you know that if fate is cruel
And skies are seldom blue,
There's a loyalty, there's a steadfast eye,
A heart that's always true.

A love that won't desert you,
Stays faithful till the end,
For while you have a Greyhound
You'll always have a friend.

A friend who's true and full of love
Will never let you down,
A waggy tail, a playful bark
Will chase away your frown.

So when the world is on your back
Just shrug it off and smile,
For when you've got a Greyhound
Your life is soooo worthwhile.

Loretta at Christmas

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