Ben is the sweetest and most adorable boy who wonít be waiting long for a home. Heís a 3 yr old brindle with a friendly nature. Heís medium sized, slender, with a smooth coat. This happy go lucky boy can be bouncy getting out on walks and loves to explore, he does settle once he is out. He is a good walker on a lead and loves to make new friends with fellow kennel mates, he does love the company of other greyhounds. On an adventure at the local park he was great travelling and settling in the car. He reacted jumping up, when he saw two off lead dogs, remember greys have often not seen off lead hounds ever before. He then met a third dog on a lead that barked but this time he didnít react. Heís a smart cookie who is a quick learner but he may need time to get used to other breeds of dog. Potentially with sensible and measured introductions he could live with another hound. Ben will make an amazing pet for a lucky adopter.

If you would like more information on Ben and the adoption process please call Celia on 07826 244765.