Bobby is bouncy, bright and ever so handsome. A three year old who is slightly built for a greyhound, not big and macho. He is a dinky soul who is quite a portable and won’t take up much space. He has a sweet wee face and a gorgeous coat with a white tuxedo bib. As for his wavy ears, they are super dynamic, first flapped down, then forward and then to the side like a hat. Bobby also has the most stunning eyes, he looks straight at you and you can see he has so much love to give. He is a great walker on a lead and walks well with his dinky kennel pal Dolly, they are a super couple who trot along happily on walks and share a kennel space perfectly. Bobby is sociable with fellow greyhounds but is not suited to smaller breeds at the moment, but this could come with guidance and reassurance from his forever family. He could however live happily with a dog of a similar size with measured and slow introductions. If you could offer wee Bobby a loving home please call Celia on 07826244765.