BUSTER is a very handsome, muscular boy who has the most wonderful ears. He is a playful and fun loving lad and adores toys and being taken out and about, enjoying the outdoors. He is clean in his kennel and walks well on lead either on his own or with another dog. I have taken him on trips and he has coped well with the new environments. His confidence will continue to grow as he gradually experiences new situations with encouragement, reassurance and praise. He loves attention from people and he will always come to say hello when he gets a visitor. He enjoys quiet time too and he will lie peacefully on his bed watching what is going on. He enjoys grooming and an ear / neck scratch and visibly relaxes when he gets a cuddle.
He is actually one of my favourites and he is longing to be chosen to join his forever family. Please come to meet him soon. He is a fantastic boy.