Mellow fellow Chief is a striking chap and he is looking for a lucky adopter. He is three years old, handsome with stunning eyes, and you will find him hard to resist. He is breaking hearts here at the kennels and won’t be around for long! He is a very friendly greyhound, who is sociable with both boys and girls. He has recently been kennelled with Ruby and they are sharing and walking well together. With measured and sensible introductions he could live with another dog. He is initially strong to start but settles down once out and walks well on a lead. Along with kennel pal Ruby, he loves to go out for walks and go on Sniffari in Celia's woods. He is just made for fuss and cuddles, so after his walk he likes to be made a fuss of, so chin rubs and cuddles a plenty thank you, followed by a treat, before he chills in his bed. Could you offer Chief the sweet life? With his combination of stunning good looks and his laid back, sweet nature Chief will make a super pet. For more information on this mellow fellow and the adoption process, call Celia on 07826244765.