Chip is three years old and ever so handsome. He is gentle and can be shy to start but once he gets to know you he is a friendly boy. He is medium sized, with a sleek coat and has beautiful amber eyes which catch your gaze. He is still quite puppy like and can be unsure at times but he is starting to take things in his stride since being kennelled with Sparkle and is slowly building confidence and coming out of his shell. He is a pleasure to walk on a lead and walks well with fellow kennel dogs. His character is starting to show more since he has been kennelled with Sparkle and they get on well together in their kennel. Chip would make a lovely companion for an another dog, with the usual slow and measured successful introductions. As he has little experience of the outside world he would need gentle introductions to his new life, with few expectations put on him in the early days, allowing him time to get used to life as a pet.

Does Chip catch your gaze? If so please call Celia on 07826 244765 for more information on the adoption process.