Deacon is a handsome, black, medium-large boy who has become a firm favourite with staff during his stay with us at GRF. He has ears which stick up when something catches his attention giving him more than a passing resemblance to the ancient Egyptian god Anubis! Hes a quiet and unassuming fellow in his kennel and enjoys watching the comings and goings of kennel life. Deacon is a very affectionate guy who loves to gently bury his head in you whilst you scratch his ears, neck or chin. Out on the lead, Deacon is a joy to walk. He instinctively walks to heel whether hes walking alone with you or walking with other dogs. He gets on well with his fellow hounds, be they boy or girl. Whilst out walking his calm disposition seems to rub off on his more excitable walking companions. Deacon has a very playful side and he enjoys running about chasing his toys. He tries to be clean in his kennel, is a good eater and will gently take treats from your hand. If you're looking for a doting, affectionate greyhound to become part of your family youd be hard pressed to find a better dog than Deacon.