Dashing Dec is sweet natured and is waiting for a special adopter to offer him a loving home. Hes recently celebrated his third birthday with a treat party and a woodland walk. Hes a medium sized, slender lad who has a sleek coat, a sweet face and beautiful eyes. This young pupper also has a noticeable feature, his wayward bat ears, they are like a radar, moving and alerted with sights and sounds around him. He is inquisitive, alert and can get excitable when he is out on walks as he likes to keep watch for small furries. As a young sighthound this is expected and understandable, a harness helps to manage this. He does settle down on the lead once he has been out for a little while. He is a very sociable boy and likes to say hi and meet everyone. He walks well with fellow greyhounds and is good friends with kennel neighbour Ben, they trot along happily together. Dec has the makings of an amazing pet, he would make a good companion and could live with another hound with slow and measured introductions. Are you looking for a young, fun, handsome and interactive greyhound, then Dec could be the boy for you. If you would like to find out more about him and the adoption process please call Celia Fernie on 07826 244765.