Dog of the Month.

Each month we will feature one of our dogs as "Dog of the Month".
Honey is our dog for February.


They donít come much sweeter or cuter than wee Honey, she is adorable. She is a small, blue brindle girl with a stunning coat and such beautiful eyes. Just a youngster at two years old, she is a playful wee soul, who is looking for fun and still learning about life. She is a smart cookie and deserves to experience the world and all it has to offer in a loving home. Honey is a greeter and is always happy to see you, waiting at her kennel gate for a big fuss and treats. She can be quite enthusiastic at the beginning of walks but calms down, understandable as she just likes her walks. She loves to step out with a friend and enjoys walking with her kennel neighbour Teejay. Honey seeks out greyhound company, so with the right sensible introductions she could live with another hound. Could little Honey pie melt your heart, she will make a wonderful pet and a loving companion. To offer a home and discuss the adoption process call Celia on 07826 244765.