Dolly is an affectionate, petite, wee soul who is guaranteed to melt your heart. One of the babies of the kennel at one year old (two in November) she is a real sweetheart. A small and compact girl who won’t take up much space, she’s so dinky. She has a gorgeous face, you can’t help but fall for, she is a beautiful and charming lass. Dolly has come out of her shell since arriving here and is quite confident, she loves interactions with everyone. As a youngster she is still learning about life and will require guidance and patience to show her the way in the world. She is a greeter and initially bouncy when she says hi, understandable as she loves to see people. Kennelled with Jack she shares her living space well, they are a couple of dinky darlings together. Sociable with other greyhounds, Dolly loves the company of other greys and likes to say hi and trot alongside in a pack. She is a good walker on a lead who is alert and curious in her surroundings. Dolly could be a super companion for a boy or girl hound, with measured and sensible introductions or she could also be an only pet, getting all the love and attention. She can be food focused, so we would recommend care and attention has to be taken around food preparation, feeding and giving teats generally, and if fed alongside other dogs. (A sensible precaution with all new dogs in the home in any case). Dolly has lots of love to give and likes a fuss, she has the makings of a loyal and loving pet. To offer a home please call Celia on 07826 244765 to find out more about adorable Dolly.