Dwayne is a quiet and shy greyhound...and just look at those adorable ears! He is a lovely, gentle boy who is a bit unsure of people at the moment as he gets used to the routine, sights and sounds of his new environment. He was a little bit frightened of strangers when he first came but he is learning to enjoy gentle touch and stroking. He is very biddable and docile, wants to please you and he is absolutely no problem at all. He enjoys lying on his bed, quietly watching what is going on around him but will welcome familiar faces when they stop by to say hello. He enjoys going for a walk and walks well on-lead and he is clean in his kennel. With patience, encouragement and introduction to new situations, Dwayne’s self confidence will continue to grow. He has a lot of love and joy to give his new family in return for a loving forever home. Is he the dog you’ve been waiting for?