Introducing little Hattie hound with her amazing ears! 3 year old Hattie is a petite, loving girl who likes to have fun. She can be a little sassy, yes a little bit of a girl boss, with a couple of boys she has shared a kennel with, you know just keeping them in their place! She currently shares a kennel with Jack and they love each others company but also know each others boundaries. Despite her high standards Hattie is friendly and sociable with fellow greyhounds and loves humans, she is a fav to walk with some of our volunteers. She likes to greet passers by at her kennel gate. Hattie is quite alert, always keeping an eye on kennel life and on her walks is keeping watch for small woodland furies, her expressive radar ears are very impressive. She takes Earigami to a new level, very cute. She also crosses her front paws when standing, she is a little character who keeps us entertained with her cute antics. Hattie won’t take up too much space, will she fit in with you? For more information please call Celia on 07826 244765.