Ian is a medium sized white and black male. His left ear and part of his head is black which, caught from the right angle, makes him look like he has a rather dapper side-parting! Ian is a very friendly boy who revels in attention from our staff and volunteers. He loves to greet you with lots of kisses and likes a good hug too! Ian has quickly settled into life at the Greyhound Rescue kennels, enjoying the company of other dogs almost as much as he likes to spend time with people. Hes a joy to walk once hes got over his initial excitement and he certainly loves his food and treats. Ian is a bright guy who takes a keen interest in what is going on around him and likes nothing more than watching the toing and froing of life at the kennels. If youd like to meet Ian and think you can offer him the loving home environment that he deserves, get in touch!!