I Met Someone.

I didn't plan for it to happen
It was right out of the blue,
But a friend of mine at work one day
Told me of someone that he knew.

He said this someone was special
And had an old and knowing soul,
He said he'd lived through loneliness and pain
Although he wasn't very old.

He said that I would love him
That his heart was made of gold,
Now I knew I had to meet him
From the stories that he told.

As we walked towards his house
My friend smiling ear to ear,
I could tell that I'd been had
But I didn't have a fear.

When we rounded the next corner
And his house came into view,
I was looking in the window
And that's when I saw you.

Your eyes met mine and I fell hard
Clearly love at first sight,
I saw the spark when you saw me
In your eyes I saw the light.

I knew then I would be the one
To show you a new life.
Show you a world that's not so cold
And not so filled with strife.

I took you home with me that day
My friend was never wrong,
He knew you were that Someone
I'd been waiting for so long.

Greyhound is what they call you
The name can't tell it all,
All most folks know of Greyhounds
Is that they're skinny and they're tall.

But you are so much more than that
And this I've come to see,
My life was made complete that day
The day you came to me.

If a dog can make a person
Try to change the world and rise above,
Then I know the only name for you
I think I'll call you Love.

Written by Cyndi Rennick for Bandit, my love.


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