INDIE is a stunning dog. She was born in July 2015, is a gorgeous fawn female and has the most beautiful face and eyes. Her personality is beautiful too as she is calm, sweet-natured and gentle. She is quite timid as she is still settling into the new routines of the kennel, but Iím sure there is a happy , fun loving girl in her, waiting to come out. She is no trouble at all, walks beautifully on a lead and makes no fuss when dogs pass by her kennel. She needs a little house training but I am sure that this can easily be achieved once she feels settled in her new home. She would make a wonderful pet for a couple or family who can provide a quiet environment for her to build her confidence and through patience , love and fun she will show her true loving and happy character. Indie is presently in season and so she can be re-homed as from July.