He's jaunty, brindle and handsome. Meet dinky Jack, he is smaller than your average greyhound male. A happy go lucky lad who always greets you with a very waggy tail, he has such a friendly nature. Just three years old, he has a unique brindle coat with lovely white markings, not forgetting those super radar ears, yes he is in the running for the bestest and tallest ears EVER competition!Jack is a great walker on a lead and gets on with fellow greyhounds. On an outing to the park he did really well and on meeting other breeds didnít seem to take much notice of them. Jack is kennelled with our baby of the kennel Dolly, they kennel well together and are a pair of dinky darlings who love walks and trot along quite happily together. Remember to be stocked up on smackos, as they expect a reward at end of their walk. Jack could live with another hound with the right introductions, or he could be an only dog. He can be a bit food focused, so we would recommend care has to be taken around feeding in the early days if fed alongside other dogs. (A sensible precaution with all new dogs in the home in any case). He has the makings of a great pet, who is compact so wonít take up much sofa space, really! To adopt a happy go lucky brindle please call Celia on 07826 244765.