John Boy

Handsome John Boy (age tbc) is looking for a loving home. Hes a medium sized lad who has a stunning glossy black coat with a white tuxedo. He is extremely handsome. He is very shy and unsure at the moment around people but is slowly building trust over time. At his kennel gate he will poke his snout out cautiously to see you. Around fellow greyhounds he is quite relaxed and is friendly, walking confidently on a lead. At a visit to the local park he was timid and reversed when people approached him. When he met an off lead labradoodle he was interested to say hello and had a sniff. A retriever and a jogger passed he was fine with them and did not react. As he has little experience of the outside world he would need gentle introductions to his new life. John Boy would make a lovely companion with another dog, with the usual slow and measured successful introductions. Also he could live as an only hound, with few expectations put on him in the early days, allowing him time to get used to life as a pet.

If those beautiful big brown eyes have caught your gaze please call Celia on 07826 244765 for more information.