If you are a fan of GENTLE GIANTS of the greyhound world you will love to meet Lark. They donít come much bigger and sweeter than this handsome boy, he is stunning. Heís three years old and has a gorgeous coat, itís white with blue marks. He is a very friendly boy and shares a kennel with sweet Judy, they are a great pair together. He is a strong boy who is easy to lead up for walks but is pulley when he gets out, he does settle when walking and happily trots alongside Judy, they love woodland adventures together. Lark is alert and inquisitive on walks and has a high prey drive, as he quickly spots those pesky wabbits running about, but he can be controlled on the lead with encouragement. He has the makings of a lovely pet and could live with the right dog with sensible introductions or be any only dog. For more information on Majestic Lark and the adoption process please call Celia on 07826 244765