Listen - can you hear your name?
He's calling you - my friend
Although you're slipping from me now
This is not the end.

A new life is about to start
Where you'll be free from pain
Old-age - you'll shrug off like a cloak
And you'll be young again.

Listen - can you hear Him call?
His voice is soft and low
And as you leave this earth behind
Remember - as you go.

I'll not forget you my dear friend
Though we may be apart
Your mem'ry will remain with me -
Forever, in my heart.

Listen - He is calling still
Reaching out and so,
Take His hand and slip away
It's time for you to go.

So many happy times we've shared
These sadness can't erase
I feel that we're together still
Tho' we've gone separate ways.

I'm listening - but there's no sound
You must have heard His voice
We both knew that the time had come
We knew there was no choice.

You've breathed your last - your eyes are closed
But this is not the end.
For life at Rainbow Bridge awaits
Rest in Peace - dear friend.

J Zatonski 2004


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