Gorgeous soul Liz is looking for a special home who can love and care for her. She has done over 100 races and now she deserves a forever home. If you are looking for elegant, spirited and fabulous, Liz is the girl for you. She is a petite four year old girl who has a sweet personality and can be a little feisty. Liz came to GRF with an injury on her front left toe and had a corn which has been treated but she is still aware of her injury and can be reluctant to walk on some hard surfaces, particularly stones and rough / bumpy terrain. She loves walkies and often walks with her left paw raised, she manages to walk fine, but she can be reluctant to walk far, she does respond to lots of encouragement. Her kennel pal Treacle is good at showing her the way and keeping her motivated. We feel that Lizís ideal situation would be a home with access to a garden or a nearby grassy area for walks, as maybe an only dog, as it would make it easier to walk her on her own. Having said that she is friendly and gets on well with other dogs and she shares a kennel well with Treacle, so she could live with another dog, given the right introductions. If in a multi dog household, an owner would have to make sure she has time to enjoy her walks in her own time. This may be a big ask but wonderful Liz is so worth it and she could face spending a long time waiting in kennels. In return you will be rewarded with an affectionate girl who loves a fuss (loves a chin rub) and has been known to rest her chin on your shoulder. Liz has needs that may be a little more special than most and require patience but she is an affectionate sweetheart who deserves to live her best life. For more information call Celia on 07826 244765.