Max is our gorgeous longest term resident at GRF and is still sadly waiting for his forever family. Max has been out and about in the big wide world and what a good boy he was! He needed a little help into the boot of the car but once in settled nicely. He hopped out no problem and quickly showed his star potential taking the stairs (up and down) at the local RSPB Centre in his stride - easy peasy. He was such a good boy walking on a loose lead, including through an echo-y tunnel and over a tippety tappity board walk proving himself to be a quietly confident boy who is not easily spooked. He really enjoyed a wee paddle in the loch and was waggy tailed and sociable with a medium sized curly wurly haired dog he met. He was such a good boy we decided to make our way to the more challenging environment of the park. Again, Max was a star. He saw multiple off lead dogs chasing balls and while he had a little whine of excitement it was easy to encourage him to walk on. Such good boy behaviour merits a treat so it was off to the cafe for refreshments. Max happily enjoyed his cocktail sausages (he takes treats very gently) and shlurped his water while we enjoyed our coffee and rolls. This boy's companionship was an absolute joy on our outing, he was friendly to everyone he met. Max doesn't always show himself at his best in the kennels where it's understandable with over 50 dogs living together that there are occasional squabbles (as there would be if you brought 50+ humans together in living quarters 24/7, why would dogs be any different!) but living the life of a family pet would absolutely bring out the best in this lovely lad. He is clean in his kennel and non-destructive in it. There are so many positives about our Magnificent Max - could he be your perfect walking buddy and couch snuggling companion? Please consider giving this boy his dream life - he will reward you many times over with love and companionship. If interested please contact Celia on 07826 244765 for more information.