Maxwell is a dashing 3 year old, reddish fawn who has very distinctive ears.

He is a medium to largish sized lad who is initially quite strong getting out on his walks as he has a zest for life and loves going out on adventures. Once out he settles down and walks well on a lead.

He is very sociable and gets on well with both boys and girl hounds.

He is currently kennelled with wee Rosie, they both get on well together and he seems to be a balance to her excitable nature. With sensible and measured introductions Maxwell could live with another dog or he could be a an only dog. This boy will make a loving and loyal pet, he has lots of potential. Care should always be taken, as with any dog entering a home, to ensure he is given time and space to adjust, donít overwhelm him as he needs to settle into his new surroundings.

If you could offer a loving home to this dashing young Greyhound please call Celia on 07826 244765 for more information in the adoption process.