MORK is one of our biggest and most laidback greyhounds in the kennels. He is an extremely handsome blue male with a wonderful personality. He is quietly confident and unfazed by changes or being in different situations. He loves dogs, big and small and people from children to senior citizens. He is very chilled out and we have used him to walk beside reactive dogs to help keep them calm. He is quite amazing! He loves his food and affection and is such a happy boy. He walks well on lead and likes to cuddle into your leg and be close to you. He has had a serious injury to his shoulder in the past which now results in him not being able to be off lead / run around . He enjoys travelling by car and loves looking over the back seat , watching where he is going. He is such a loving and compliant boy, he will bring such affection and joy to his new family. Please come and meet him soon!