Noah is an extremely handsome, large, black male who is an absolute pleasure to have in the kennels. He is a fine specimen of a dog who has had a successful racing career but is ready for retirement and to become a gentleman of leisure. Noah is very personable, friendly and affectionate. He loves being given attention, strokes and cuddles and will gently paw at you if you stop cuddling him or stroking him. Noah has adapted well to life at GRF and enjoys watching the toing and froing of kennel life. He gets on well with his fellow hounds and has bewitched the team of volunteers who walk him with his stunning good looks and quietly charismatic personality. When out walking Noah will pull a little bit for the first couple of minutes, as he's excited, but quickly settles down to become the ideal walking mate. He likes to keep his kennel clean and is non destructive in it. He is a joy to spend time with and will make a fantastic pet.