If your dog is off his food.

We have a Greyhound named Fritz. Some time ago he went off his food. We thought there might be a bitch on heat, locally. However, as time went on we started to worry. He was taken to the vet and given blood and urine tests. Nothing was apparent and by now we were force feeding him. An x-ray followed without determining the cause, A flummoxed vet sent him to the Dick Veterinary College where he became a patient for some time, receiving an endoscopy. Nobody could find the cause. By now we were very worried and he had lost a lot of weight. The vets could find no answer. The bill had now reached 1200. One vet tried a shot in the dark and suggested antihistamine tablets, a side effect of which makes a dog hungry. A packet was bought for 5 and before the day was out he was eating like a horse and has never looked back. Advice- try the tablets first!!

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