Pharaoh 3

PHARAOH is a very handsome fawn male who will always welcome you and say hello. He lies peacefully in his bed and loves to see what is happening around him. He is a young dog and adores when he is able to go outdoors and explore and sniff his environment. He gets on well with the other greyhounds and will happily go for walks with his kennelmate beside him. He is a strong boy and is currently learning to walk more calmly using a slip lead and he is making great improvements with this . He loves having fun and is a bit over focused when toys come out but this can be sorted if they are introduced gradually after walks. He is a fantastic boy to have around and he loves the company of people. He would love to have a couple or family who have time to spend with him, giving him new experiences , fun, and time outdoors and he would give you back love and loyalty in return. He is a calm boy in his kennel but adores having things to do to occupy and stimulate him too --- like the peanut butter mat! He is a delightful boy wrapped in a captivatingly handsome package.