How to pick up your dog.

When I have been visiting the vet or maybe at an outdoor event, wherever there is a need to pick up a dog, I have been horrified by the way some people go about this seemingly simple act. What I am about to say mainly applies to larger dogs as smaller ones don't have enough body mass to cause them distress, but since most people reading this will be Greyhound or Lurcher lovers then it will certainly apply to you.

When you need to pick up your dog, perhaps to place him on the vet's examining table, pass your left arm between his front legs and your right arm under his rear end. (See pictures below.) In this way the weight of his chest and front end is securely supported on your arm. There is no risk of him slipping, or his weight being thrown on to his neck. If you are left-handed, or if it simply feels more comfortable for you, then reverse your arms so that your right arm goes between his front legs and your left under his backside.

Right way Wrong way
CORRECT WAY. See how secure Locksie is in this position. She is several inches from the ground though it is difficult to see that in this picture, and she is quite comfortable. Her whole chest area and front end is supported firmly in my arm. WRONG WAY. I won't even attempt to raise Locksie's feet from the ground in this position. This is the worst way of all to pick up your dog. All the weight of her front end is taken on her neck.
Wrong way also
WRONG WAY ALSO. Again I won't even try to lift her in this position. She is totaly unbalanced and if she slips forward she will slide out of my arms and on to the floor. Also, some of her weight is supported by her stomach.

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