Post Your Pics Page 12.

Zeus Zeus and Gwin
Zeus and Gwin with their mummy, Lucy. Zeus having a wee nap.
Corky Corky
Of course I can touch my nose!! Corky indulging in his favourite past time.
Jemma Deccy
Jemma on her "claimed" sofa waiting on a phone call!! Our handsome big brindle boy Deccy from GAL. Big brother to Daisy and Debs (and so protective of them too)
Debs Daisy
Here is the beautiful Debs from RGT at Drumbeg Kennels. Big sis to Daisy and wee sis to Deccy. She is a wee treasure. This is our Daisy from GAL. A living bundle of love and as you can see a real wee toe-rag into the bargain. (We wouldn't have her any other way)
LIAM having a snooze at his forever home.

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