Post Your Pics Page 18.

Ruby Stewart Millie (formerly Topsy)
Ruby Stewart relaxing greyhound style. Millie (formerly Topsy) on her new cushion.
Brionnach Millie (formerly Topsy)
Brionnach watching a wildlife Programme.Brionnach - who woke me up? I was sound asleep
Brionnach Millie (formerly Topsy)
Brionnach using Maisie as a cushion to watch telly.Brionnach & Maisie.
Minx and Lofty Gipsy (Elsie)
Here's a picture of Minx and Lofty on their hols getting a lift on the train in Mull. Linda and Doug. Here's Gipsy, used to be called Elsie. You can also see her on "The Lucky Ones" page 22.
Emma Emma
A couple of pictures of Emma settling in to her new life.Emma went to live with Pauline om 21 July 2008.

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