Post Your Pics Page 28.

Angus 1 Angus 2
Angus, used to be called Diesel, remember him?Whoa, that looks like a big drop down there.
Vince and his ball
Here's a photo of our dear friend and longest serving member VINCE. Is he training to be a ball boy?
Trixie 3 Trixie 2
Here's some pics of Trixie in her new coat and in various reclined positions.
Trixie 1 Trixie 4
Goldie 2 Goldie 3
Billy and Goldie looking very cosy together on sofa!We adopted Goldie in November from Celia and Jimmy.
Goldie 4 Hawky and Darla
Toby Billy and Goldie on sofa. Hawky in his new home with Darla.

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