Post Your Pics Page 3.

Willow Millie
Willow, a lucky Greyhound from GAL in Scotland.And Millie, also from GAL. Both beauties now living with Jennifer.
Jess Jack
Jess chilling out in her new bed ( Jess is one of Celia's former puppies as they like to call them)Jack feelling a little put out with this new female in his life. Jack is a former rescue dog.
Jess and Jack Jess, Jack and Julie.
Jack and Jess getting closerJess, Jack and Julie, their proud owner.
Wee Man Paddy
Wee man...he is a very good natured and placid dog..I am so glad that I have him..he is great with my grandchildren and he loves my son. Thank you, Meg. This is Paddy who found his forever home on 30th September 2007.
Paddy Paddy
As you can see he has settled in and made himself at home. Time for a nap. please don't disturb.

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