Post Your Pics Page 32.

Judie at home 1 Judie at home 2
This is Judie, happy now in her new home with Mary.
Cilla and Arden
Cilla and Arden after a trip to the run at Baltree!
Bobby Shauna
Bobby and Shauna 1 Bobby and Shauna 2
Above are pictures of Bobby (brindle) and Shauna (black) at the seaside, and underneath with Lorraine. They have both settled in really well.
Anu 3 Anu 1
Anu 4 Anu 8
The four pictures above are of Anu (used to be called Jennie) who was rehomed in November 2008. These are from her Holiday Snaps from her travels to Lands End, Fort William and the Lake District.

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