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Sabrina Sabrina
I just looked at your 'post your pics' page on your site! Wonderful pictures and such happy greyhounds! I'd love to share a pic of me and my rescued greyhound, Sabrina. Sabrina is my everything -- She came from a Colorado track -- and now has a real and wonderful spoiled life with me! Teresa, Portland, Oregan.
Misty Misty
Here are some photographs of our Greyhound Misty (racing name: Blue Dream) whom we adopted in August 2004 from The Retired Greyhound Trust. She is the most wonderful dog.
Misty Misty
I would urge anyone looking for a pet to adopt a Greyhound as they are the most gentle and loving dogs and make excellent pets. Well done to Celia and Jimmy for re-homing so many dogs - you are doing a very important job and saving many lives. Rena & Drew Wallace, Kinghorn.
Lunar Lunar and Buddy
This is a picture of Lunar (was Lacey) happy in the garden, it was taken on my mobile phone camera so isn't the best...she moved before I got the digital camera!! And here is a picture of Lunar and her new pal Buddy...Lunar has her own bed but sometimes prefers to be near Buddy.---Gary Wilson.

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