Post Your Pics Page 40.

Blue 5 Blue 6
Blue relaxing in the kitchen.And roaching.
Breeze 1 Breeze 3
Breeze posing for her picture.Distracted by a fly while playing with her ball..
Parker 1 Parker 2
Parker watching television.Parker with his new friend.
Millie in the garden Three dogs
Sweetie (now Millie) in garden.Millie, Archie & Nellie (now Shayla)..
Fonzi and Sandi Oxo
We got Fonzi in December from Celia and thought a wee girl pal would be nice and were so happy to have got Sandi 4 weeks ago, they are great pals now and love each others company. Thanks, Morag Oxo contemplating his next move.
Oxo and Abbi Gwen, Oxo and Abbi
Oxo and Abbi being supervised on their first date. Are we having flowers for tea mum?

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