Post Your Pics Page 46.

Coco 1 Jake and Coco 2
Coco, now Stevie (the brindle), her sister Lulu and Alistair at Kinshaldy Beach.
Coco 4 Coco 5
Stevie seems to be settling in fairly well!A smiley Stevie face at Kinshaldy beach.
Minnie and Coco Minnie and Coco 2
Toby and Luckie Bailey and Molly
Toby and Luckie at home.Bailey with his best friend Molly.
Bailey 4 Bailey 5
Bailey (was Paddie) posing!Bailey cosy on the couch!
Sydney and Stanley
Sid and Ted who were called Sidney and Stanley, snuggled togethor on couch, completely inseperable.

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