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Shauna and Bobby Shauna and Bobby 2
Bobby (Brindle) and Shauna (Black) Shauna was 6 yrs old on the 20th April 2011 and they both are doing great.
Isis at home Waiting for wedding invitation
Isis in the garden at her new home.Isla (who was known as Wilma) and friends, waiting on their Royal wedding invitation.
29 March 2011.
Lady and Lassie with Blair
Lady and Lassie cuddled up with Blair.
Walkies 2 Walkies 1
Joe out for walkies with his mummy.And his daddy.
Joe 1 Joe 2
Joe relaxing in the evening.With dad.
Bedtime Dommy
Bedtime upstairs.Dommy enjoying some April sunshine in Elgin! xxx.

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