Post Your Pics Page 52.

Peggy at home
Here is a picture of Peggy, who we adopted yesterday. (21 Jan. 2012) She has settled in well to her new home in Maddiston.
Bailey 6 Bailey 7
A couple of pictures of Bailey who found his home with Angela last year.
Paddy 9
Paddy 7 Paddy 10
Here are three photos of Paddy (was Rex in the kennels) who came to us on
Janaury 15th 2012. He's settled in beautifully as you can see.
Jackchewbone Jacktribble
Jack enjoying being totally pampered in his new Glasgow home (and his favourite toy, a tribble -- his human 'fan club' includes some Trek fans).
Grace 2
Archie 2 Grace and Archie
Archie and Grace sent by Lisa. Grace is at the top. You may remember them as Flash and Cleo when they were in our kennels a couple of years ago.

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