Post Your Pics Page 58.

Ellie walking on the hills. Toby and Ellie posing.
Ellie (was Ella) on hill walk.Ellie posing in the garden.
I love my bed. Rio home 2.
I love my bed.Adopted Rio in Nov 2013 My beautiful boy
and crazy sun worshiper!!!
Ruby's 11th birthday. Spot on the beach.
Ruby's 11th birthday, 1 November 2014.Spot at front on beach with his new chums.
Jill Home. Jill home 2.
This is Jilly (Jill when at GRF) in her new home. She's claimed the big sofa as her bed!
Gypsy at Home.
Gypsy finally found a home and garden to lay her roots, adopted in December 2014. An oafish but very loving and loyal lady.

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