Post Your Pics Page 59.

Harvey 4. Harvey 5.
Here are some pics of Harvey.We got him when he was 16 weeks old from GRF.
Harvey 6. Pal and Maggie.
He is now one and a half years old and a real joy. Pal and his friend Maggie. Pal was adopted from GRF in June 2010.
Jenny 1. Jenny 2.
A quick update on Jenny that we adopted on 16 June from Greyhound Rescue Fife. Taken to house life amazingly quickly. Keeping her attention on walks is a bit more of a challenge but getting better at walking on the lead with each day.
Eddie. chizzy.
This is Eddie. He's such a friendly boy, tail wagging and big smiles all the time. He's a little nervous of meeting new dogs but he is settling in very well too. He also is enjoying retired life like Chizzy. And this is Chizzy, she has settled in well and seems to be enjoying the retired life. She's very smart and a bit of a comedian too.
Bobby getting used to his duvet, and settling well.

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