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December 2011.

Greyhound Rescue Fife scoops £6,275 RBS CommunityForce Award.

Greyhound Rescue Fife who are based at Baltree Country Centre near Gairneybank, Kinross. - are celebrating winning a £6,275 RBS CommunityForce award.

In July this year RBS launched CommunityForce, a new initiative to help support local charities, organisations and groups to raise publicity for their work and attract volunteers. The programme also provided the opportunity for three groups in each of the bank’s 27 CommunityForce areas to win awards of £6,275 each. Organisations and charities applied for awards during the summer and an online public vote took place to decide which three organisations in each area would receive the awards.

Over 1,000 eligible charities and community projects in England and Wales applied to take part in CommunityForce and over 90,000 votes were cast.

Greyhound Rescue Fife applied to CommunityForce because they wanted to raise funds to provide an underground water supply at their kennels. Last year the overland water pipes froze up, and volunteers had to carry buckets of water from another building 100 yards away to enable them to clean the kennels and keep them operational for the 40 plus greyhounds who have ended their career at the race tracks and are now hoping to find their forever home.

CommunityForce, which forms part of the Bank’s Customer Charter, offers organisations more than just financial support. By applying for the awards, local charities and projects became part of a local online network giving them greater visibility and the opportunity to attract volunteers from the local area. RBS staff are also getting involved by volunteering their time and expertise.

Celia and Jimmy Fernie, the project founders, said we'd like to thank, very sincerely, all those people who kindly voted for us. We've beaten the winter, since the water is running freely. No more carrying buckets of water through feet of snow and ice.Thank you, one and all. Celia, Jimmy and the dogs.


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