Darling Reece is deserving of the sweet life. Itís hard to believe that through no fault of his own this special soul has been waiting two years for a loving home.This gorgeous boy has so much to offer. Heís a medium sized, black boy, his coat is glossy and sleek. Heís five years old and yes, his snoot is getting a little bit frosty, but he is a distinguished gentlemen who is very handsome. In kennels Reece is the perfect lad and quite relaxed. He has high standards, and he has always been spotless and clean in his kennel. He is a very popular boy with volunteers and he is a super walker on the lead. He walks well with both boy and girl hounds, he especially loves walks with his best kennel pal Bob. Recently Reece had a dental so his teeth are sparkly and clean. A dog who has waited two years in rescue does have some special requirements, he can be scared of the unfamiliar, which is understandable having spent so long in rescue. He does get anxious in busy settings, so might prefer a quieter location where he doesnít need to encounter lots of traffic and crowds, particularly in the early days. Reece can also be worried with unfamiliar breeds, so would need gradual and gentle introductions, which would include the support of an experienced adopter to build his confidence and social skills. He has so much potential and is an affectionate boy who would blossom in a patient and understanding home willing to work through his worries. He loves interactions with people, he also loves a fuss before and after his walk, so be prepared for lots of cuddle time. Could you change Reeceís life forever? If you have a Reece shaped hole in your life and would like to find out more please contact Celia Fernie on 07826244765.