Please Help.

Wherever you go there seems to be someone asking for money these days. At the weekend in most towns you find someone collecting for their chosen charity. Here at Celia's Greyhound Rescue we understand that it is not possible to give to all of the worthy causes that you would like to, and that is why we value and appreciate any support that you can possibly give to us. The Greyhounds in our care are completely dependant on us for their very life, and we are completely dependant on you to help us to keep helping the dogs. That is why we are so careful to get the very best value for money in everything that we do, and why we can assure you that every penny that you can spare for us will be spent wisely. Even this website is developed and maintained free for us so that we don't have to use any donated funds for it. Below is a breakdown of some of the things that we can do with any kind donation that you can make to us.

There is a button at the bottom of this page that you can use to donate by credit or debit card or by using your Pay-Pal account if you have one. All transactions are absolutely secure. Please note that clicking on the donate button will take you to another web site. To return to Greyhound Rescue Fife afterwards close the Pay-Pal page with the X in the right hand corner. Thank you.

Here are some of the costs we encounter frequently. Any donation whatsoever would be greatly appreciated by us and most of all, by our dogs! If you give us your address I would love to send you a thank you card!
Celia. xxx

10 will buy a 15kg bag of food which will feed 5 of our dogs for a week.
10 will buy a cosy jacket for one of our dogs for the cold Scottish winter.
15 will buy a special, non-slip Greyhound collar.
20 will pay for one week emergency boarding for a dog rescued from the track if our kennels are full.
24 will pay for a dog to have a full course of vaccinations.
3 will pay for a dog to be treated for worms.
7 will pay for a dog to be treated for fleas or mange.
50 will pay for a dog to be neutered.
80 will pay for a bitch to be neutered.


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