RIO is an absolutely gorgeous and adorable addition to our greyhound family. She was born in August 2015 and is a small female who is blue in colour. Being a recent newcomer, she is still getting used to kennel sounds and routine but she is settling well. She is a total sweetheart who will roll on her back for a tummy tickle when someone enters her kennel and she has a gentle and loving nature. She is no trouble at all , gets on with other greyhounds and is totally laid back when dogs pass by. She loves when people choose to spend time with her but will lie peacefully in her bed when you are busy. She needs some house training but Iím certain that this can easily be done once she is settled into her forever home. She has been out to the local area and coped well with a very busy park with dogs and children and with traffic. This can be built upon with her new family and, by showing patience and providing new experiences, her confidence will grow. RIO is a totally delightful girl who will make a wonderful pet for a couple or family and through love and fun, she will show her true loving and happy character.