Rudi 3

RUDI - Just look at this face! Rudi is an amazing boy! He is 80% saluki, just over a year old and full of energy and fun. Although initially wary of strangers, he loves the people around him, being spoken to and played with. He adores attention and thrives on interacting with the people he trusts, and you will be both amused and entertained all day long by his hilarious antics. He is smart and has learned quickly the basic commands of “sit “ and “paw” and it wouldn’t take long to teach him many others. As he is such a people - loving dog, it would be best for him to be rehomed with someone who was around all day and could give him the attention he craves. Rudi has been taken for walks in the surrounding area. After ten minutes of pulling, he relaxed into loose leash walking and he responded beautifully when meeting some of the many walkers and dogs there. Your love would come back to you many fold. A totally joyful addition to your home!