SCARLETT is a beautiful-looking and totally sweet female who recently arrived at the kennels. She was born in September 2016 and is the sister of Thomas. She is a shy little girl who looked to her brother for reassurance in new situations when she arrived. She is slowly starting to relax and gain some confidence now. When anyone comes to visit her, she is straight over to give kisses and say hello. She still has her winter coat which gives her a brown appearance but with more grooming her gorgeous blue fur will show more clearly. At times she shows her playful puppy nature and looks ready for a game but mostly she loves to snuggle into you. She just adores affection. She was recently voted “The Best Dog in the Kennels” by a new group of volunteers and she certainly lives up to the accolade. She needs some house training but I’m certain that this can be done easily once she has settled into her forever home. She has been out into the local park and coped well with travelling by car , with children playing and with other dogs around. SCARLETT23 April 2018 will make a wonderful addition to any family or for a couple who can provide patience, love and fun and to help her build her confidence even more and enjoy life.