SKIPS is a small black female who is very sweet and loving with people. She will always welcome you calmly when you come to see her and will stand nicely whilst you put on her lead. She is bouncy, inquisitive and playful when on a walk but will calm down with firm handling and positive encouragement. She uses a slip lead when outdoors and she has made great improvements. She is doing very well. At times, she can be a bit reactive with other dogs when she sees them but she is also improving in this area and now walks nicely beside some of the male dogs. She loves being told she is a good girl and snuggles into you when she is being groomed or given loving attention. She is very clean in her kennel and takes treats and biscuits very gently. She will continue to make improvements with a family or couple who can show her patience and leadership and who will give her guidance to help her become the best she can be. She will give you bucket loads of love in return and become a great companion.