She shines so brightly and is a petite wee girl, meet Sparkle. She is an adorable soul and at just two years old she still has lots of puppy charm. A petite, glossy coated black girl with a friendly nature, although she can be shy and reserved around people. Once she gets to know you she is friendly, fun and pleased to greet you. She loves getting out for walks and is good on a lead, trotting happily along with kennel pal Callie. She also seeks out other greys when out on a walk, she likes the company of fellow greyhounds and trots along in a pack. Sparkle shares a kennel really well with her wee pal Callie, they are like two wee peas in a pod, and adore each other very much. They arrived together at GRF as a pair and could be either homed together, or on their own as they would make loving and loyal pets. Like kennel pal Callie, she will greet you in her kennel with much excitement and likes a fuss and a wee treat. She is also friendly and sociable with fellow greyhounds and happily trots along in a pack. Sparkle would make a loving pet either on her own or as part of a pair with kennel girl pal Callie. On a recent walk to the park, Sparkle was excitable when she saw a group of other dogs playing, these included Spaniels and Labradors. She was fine meeting a lone Labrador and Dachshund. So with a successful meet up and measured introductions she could live with another dog. Always best as other breeds can be unfamiliar to ex racers, who have had little life experience and are used to mainly other greyhounds. For more information on this wee sweetheart and the adoption process call Celia on 07826244765