Sparky is a popular veteran at Greyhound Rescue Fife. He’s a lightly built, medium sized black boy who's going a bit grey round the muzzle and has the most impressive ears in the kennel. Sparky has been at the kennels long enough and is held with such affection by staff and volunteers that he has earned himself several nicknames, including Sparky-Malarkey and Sparktacus! He’s often a deeply affectionate and gentle hound who loves a gentle ear-rub. Sparky is quite happy for you to sit on his bed with him and will on occasion lay down next to you and rest his head on your lap. Sparky is not without his quirks and challenges, all of which are being addressed and all of which he is making steady progress on. Sparky has somewhat of a magpie disposition and will become quite possessive over metal objects like feeding bowls. The intensity of this has dissipated and he doesn’t seem to have the same reaction with other objects. He loves to play with his toys on his own or with someone else and is more than happy to share his toys. Sparky can also be somewhat of a challenge to walk as he has an extremely strong drive to chase moving objects. This includes cars, small dogs, horses, squirrels and cats. Although a lightly built boy he can pull quite strongly and it can be a challenge getting him to calm down after he has been triggered. Sparky has been taken on regular walks to expose him to an increasing variety of situations and stimulus and he has shown a gradual decline in reactivity, although there is still some work to do with him. Sparky is usually quite happy to walk with his fellow hounds at the rescue and we have used him to walk with reactive dogs as a way of getting them used to not walking alone. He likes to keep a clean kennel and eats well. Sparky has the most beautiful personality and somewhat of a deep baritone when singing along with the other dogs at the kennel! Sparky is a well loved and popular boy who deserves a forever home with somebody who can give him the love and attention he needs. He will be a deeply rewarding companion for someone who has a bit of experience with dogs and enjoys a challenge.