Three year old Spike is a handsome dandy who has a lovely nature. A statuesque, medium black boy, who is breaking hearts here in kennels, he is a real charmer. He has a stunning black coat, with a white tuxedo bib and white socks. His ears add to his charm, and what can I say, they are the most flip floppy ears ever. He is a confident lad who is always eager to get out and walk. He spotted a rabbit at the park and was ready to chase, so he has a prey drive, as many greyhounds do. He is strong on the lead, so we would always recommend using a harness as it enables the walker to feel confident walking a strong dog like him. He is sociable and friendly with both people and hounds. At the park he was a good boy when he met other breeds of dogs and was happy to sniff. With sensible and measured introductions Spike could live with another dog. If you would like to find out more information on Spike and the adoption process please call Celia on 07826 244765.